From roofing to missile fins, Robins may need some help

WARNER ROBINS -- If your business can provide laundry service, painting, roofing or perhaps trailers to carry around bombs and missiles, Robins Air Force Base might have some opportunities for you.

On Friday, Robins released a 73-page document listing potential opportunities for businesses, with most items measured in the millions of dollars. The move follows Thursday’s Program Executive Officer Review and Outlook, which the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce organized. Tony Baumann, director of contracting at Robins, said the long-term outlook can help businesses plan and innovate to try to get millions of dollars in base business.

Five years of roofing could be worth $24.9 million. The munitions trailers, called replacements for the MHU-110 and MHU-141 trailers, are valued at more than $35 million total. The base expects it could get 50-gallon liquid oxygen carts in a contract estimated at $6.9 million.

A contract for a computer help desk and other support could be worth as much as $50 million, while ambulance services could be worth $1 million to $5 million. Maintenance for the E-8 training systems could be worth about $45 million.

A corrosion prevention and control plan for the C-130 transport plane is valued at about $6.5 million.

And if your company could build wings and fins for the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, you might be able to get $9.7 million.

A Robins official emphasized that these are expected future requirements, rather than items guaranteed to receive future contracts.

And while much of the work is at the base itself, not all of it is. For example, Robins expects it will need help supporting the F-15SA aircraft for the Royal Saudi Air Force in Saudi Arabia.

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