Business 1 on 1 with Trenesia Stubbs

Trenesia Stubbs, co-owner, The Korean Martial Arts Academy, 18 Wright Ave., Roberta, 478-836-5700.

How long have you been in business?: Stubbs and her husband, James Stubbs, have been in business about 13 years. They started in Miami and opened the current business in February 2009. She is the business manager, and her husband teaches the classes.

“It is my husband’s passion. He has been a martial artist for more than 40 years. ... He is a dual fourth degree master in Tang Soo Do and Pyeong Hwa Jeon Sa Do. ... I started in martial arts when I was 13 or 14.

“We place a real emphasis on the students carrying their martial arts creed and behavior at school and at home. They cannot test without permission of a teacher and a parent, and that validates that they are behaving to the best of their ability, not having to be asked more than once to do their chores and that sort of thing.”

What do you like best about your job?: “I enjoy both working with my husband to help him realize his passion and working with the families. ... We have a blast. ... We are a family, in that students who are no longer (in class) come back two, three, four years later.”

What is your specialty?: The academy specializes in integrated recreation, self-defense, development and life skills for children and adults. Some students have physical and/or medical issues. The school teaches Tang Soo Do and Pyeong Hwa Jeon Sa Do.

“The way we explain it is Tang Soo Do is more a Chuck Norris kind of thing. Pyeong Hwa Jeon Sa Do is lower impact, and it’s more Steven Seagal.”

What are your future plans?: “We plan to open additional schools in the immediate area and provide martial arts seminars and retreats.”

-- Linda S. Morris