Robins' 402nd Maintenance Wing to hire up to 500

The 402nd Maintenance Wing, a unit based at Robins Air Force Base, announced this week that it will hire between 400 and 500 workers in the coming six to eight months. The 402nd Maintenance Wing works on many of the Air Force’s busiest aircraft, including the F-15, the C-17, the C-130 and the C-5.

“We got two wars going on,” Karl Abernathy, chief of the Robins Employment Office, said in a phone interview from his office at Robins Air Force Base. “These aircraft fly an extraordinary amount of time and flight hours.”

And so Robins Air Force Base recruiters will be looking to strengthen their work force to keep the aircraft flying, specifically for applicants with sheet metal skills and experience in aircraft mechanical work.

“We may not find all of them in this area,” Abernathy said.

Robins typically deploys recruiters well outside the local area to find employees but often has no problem finding workers in the Warner Robins area. The base has agreements with Middle Georgia Technical College in Warner Robins, Central Georgia Technical College in Macon and South Georgia Technical College in Americus.

Often, Abernathy said, “we give them our required specialities, things that we want them to teach, and they develop the curriculum.”

The 402nd will include a cooperative program in this round of hiring, where students can learn skills while continuing their technical school studies.

This is only the latest round of hiring by Robins Air Force Base. The 402nd Maintenance Wing has hired 750 employees since last May, according to the Robins Rev-Up, the base newspaper. Interested applicants are invited to contact the Robins Employment Office at 926-6666.