Many in midstate still hit wall finding jobs

The latest unemployment numbers were released Thursday.

Like previous months, they weren’t good.

Unfortunately for many people, they don’t need statistics to tell them about the state’s bleak job situation.

“It’s been a really rough year,” said Brandon Bowles, a telemarketer for Ameri-Life & Health Service of Central Georgia.

He was at the Georgia Department of Labor’s career center Thursday. There were others there as well — filling out forms and hoping to find work.

Bowles, 34, has seen the numbers of days he could work a week cut by his employer, he said.

“Last week, I was blessed with an opportunity to be interviewed,” he said. Bowles applied for a job as a janitor at a local college.

“Until they call, I’m just going to have to wait on the Lord,” he said.

Irag Houston, 31, said he was laid off by T-Mobile in March.

“I was the last hired, so first gone,” he said.

He is now receiving unemployment checks. He said he is “surviving,” but is “not making it quite like (he) was.”

Houston is looking for a job from home, he said. “I keep updating my résumé,” Houston said.

Kelly Reynolds, 35, has been to several interviews and looks for jobs online.

“A lot of people tell me I’m overqualified,” she said. Her last job was with Cherry Hill Photo Enterprises, she said.

Part of the difficulty finding a job, she said, had to do with her unwillingness to take a significant pay cut.

Mike Erhenede, 19, got laid off in May by Georgia Power, he said.

He has been doing “odd jobs” and driving people places in his car for money to get by, he said.

But he’s optimistic that he’ll get back to work.

“I think if I keep it up, I’ll get back to work,” he said.

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