Federal regulators shut down Ga. bank

Regulators on Friday shut down another bank in Georgia. They also shut down a bank in both North Carolina and Kansas, pushing this year’s national tally of failed banks to 40. The wave of bank failures is expected to continue throughout the year as the weak housing market and rising unemployment rate cause more borrowers to default on their loans. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed receiver of Southern Community Bank of Fayetteville.United Community Bank of Blairsville will assume Southern Community Bank’s five branches, its $307 million in deposits and nearly all of its $377 million in assets.The FDIC will retain the remaining unacquired assets of the failed bank to sell later. And with the acquirer, the FDIC has entered into loss-sharing agreements to maximize returns on the assets and minimize disruptions for loan customers. The FDIC said it estimates that Southern Community Bank’s failure will cost the deposit insurance fund $114 million.