Macon theater one of three in state to show new movie in Spanish

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Macon has been selected as one of just three locations in Georgia to show the movie “Coco” in Spanish.

“Coco” opened in U.S. theaters Wednesday. It was first released in Mexico and, according to some reports, enough people asked for the film to be released in Spanish that Pixar decided to offer either Spanish-dubbed versions or screenings with Spanish subtitles in the U.S.

The movie is showing in Spanish at the AmStar 16 at 5996 Zebulon Road at 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., according to the theater’s website. The animated movie is showing in English at AmStar and the theaters in Houston County at several other times.

The Spanish version also is being shown in Austell and Chamblee both as dubbed and with subtitles.

Moises Velez, editor and owner of Que Pasa, a Spanish newspaper distributed in Middle Georgia, said he was thrilled when he learned that Macon was selected to show the movie in Spanish.

“This means a recognition of our heritage and the importance of our city,” Velez said.

As soon as he posted something about it on his Facebook page, people began contacting him for more information or making comments. One person wrote “I’m ready to go and watch it,” and another said “I will be there today to watch it,” he said.

The last movie Velez could remember that was shown in Spanish in Macon was the 2013 Mexican comedy-drama “Instructions Not Included.”

“We encourage anyone that (would) like to practice their Spanish to come and watch it,” he said.

An attempt Friday to get more information from AmStar was not successful.

Some Macon music makers may be able to identify with the story in this film.

The film centers on Miguel Rivera, a boy growing up in a family of shoemakers who have an aversion to music. Miguel tries to hide his love of music because he doesn’t want to get scolded by his parents or grandmother. But the desire to be a musician is too strong,and he makes a choice for himself, but it upsets his family.

In the Spanish dub, some of the voices are replaced by other actors and entertainers.

If a theater isn’t showing the subtitled or dubbed version of “Coco,” people can download the TheaterEars App and audio track to the film before heading to the theater, which allows people to play back the Spanish language track in sync with the film on a person’s own headphones or ear buds.

For more information in Spanish — información en español — go to

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