Keeping up with marketing in a small way will go a long way

Fall is a great time for marketing managers to assess your company’s current marketing, but it might be the worst time to start from point zero with all-out strategic planning. The distractions and time restraints can be overwhelming.

Better to assess your plans and goals and tweak whatever you are doing before the holidays. In fact, with every seasonal change of your fiscal year, take an hour or two to go through this checklist. It’s a time-saving way to make a difference before your next big marketing planning session.

▪  Are you methodically building your company’s email database over time? If not, add and delete one or two contacts every day so your list will be ready to work for you without major overhaul.

▪  Don’t fail to ask your online supporters to share your company news and information on their social sites, but don’t make this request with every post. Request they share only the most important news you disseminate such as new product rollouts, executive promotions or shifts, awards your company receives, late-breaking news and news of general interest they might not know.

▪  Comment on an industry blog or two. Assuming here that you subscribe to at least two blogs within your particular industry, make an intelligent comment or pose a question if for no other reason than to keep your name out there in the blogosphere.

▪  Create content that might pique the interest of print and broadcast media to use as a public service announcement. For instance, if your company is adopting a new project to reduce blight in the city, classic media outlets will want to know and share.

▪  Take time to listen to your customers and supporters. Using your company’s blog and social media sites, engage them by posing a question about your business. Examples might be: Please list two adjectives that best describe the last visit you had to our westside store? Or, tell us why you like our new logo and tagline? And if you don’t like it, please tell us why.

▪  Be colloquial and warm with your responses. You are a person representing your company, but a person nonetheless. Always respond to any customers’ input, whether it’s positive or negative. “Thank you very much!” goes a long way in humanizing your business and the social part of social media marketing allows you to do this in ways you never could before.

Paige Henson is a local writer and a new media consultant for business and non-profits. Her email address is