Church member says suspected ‘roach thrower’ has confessed

The man believed to be the creeper in the night who was recently caught on videotape flinging cups of cockroaches at a church door didn’t say much as he was led away in handcuffs Thursday morning.

He lives two doors down Madison Street from Fountain Temple AME Church, at a house where church members told police the culprit might live.

Asked if he was the “roach thrower,” the man mumbled, “No.”

But by afternoon Michael Walker, 49, had apparently fessed up and been jailed for trespassing.

James A. Denson, the husband of the preacher at Fountain Temple and the man who captured one of the suspect’s middle-of-the-night, bug-tossing escapades on tape, said cops told him the fellow “admitted doing it.”

But Denson, 68, said he and the congregation won’t be pressing charges.

“We’re in the forgiving business,” Denson said. “What we want is for him to make an apology to the church.”

When Walker was carted off to jail by Macon cops shortly before noon, one of his neighbors said he didn’t think Walker was the culprit.

“That wasn’t none of him on that video,” neighbor Jeffery Rutledge said.

In recent weeks, the tiny church between Georgia Avenue and Riverside Drive has been the apparent target of a roach-tossing antagonist. Denson set up video cameras to try and figure out why roaches -- dead and alive -- kept showing up by the front doors of the church.

Early last week, his surveillance paid off. He turned to local news outlets, handing out footage of the caper to help find the culprit.

All Denson can figure is the man responsible “has to be demonic.”

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