Report: Warner Robins breaks even for fiscal year 2012

WARNER ROBINS -- The first look at the actual fiscal 2012 expenses and revenue for the city of Warner Robins was released last week, showing the city had what City Finance Director Bill Harte called “a break-even year.”

Harte presented City Council with an unaudited version of the city’s fiscal 2012 figures and gave a brief presentation Monday. The annual city audit is typically ready in late fall.

Harte said some invoices may be outstanding, so some figures aren’t final. He did not say which.

For fiscal 2012, the general fund’s expenditures matched revenue with the help of transfers from enterprise funds.

The city produced $31.16 million of revenue, according to the report. Expenditures for all departments were $34.67 million, creating a $3.51 million deficit.

An additional $175,000 was transferred out of the general fund to the city golf course, Redevelopment Agency and Bureau of Civic Affairs and Visitor Center enterprise accounts.

According to the report, $3.14 million was transferred to the general fund, but the documented transfers from the natural gas fund and water and sewer enterprise funds total $2.68 million.

Harte told council the city would transfer less than expected from the funds because drawing out would create a deficit in the natural gas fund.

Natural gas sales were lower than expected nationwide after a surplus sent prices plummeting.

Warner Robins proved no different. The city budgeted for $28.1 million in revenue. It actually received $21.5 million, which was $6.6 million less than projected.

Even with $5.46 million less than budgeted expenditures, the natural gas fund made $1.14 million less than predicted in profits. After $1.33 million was transferred to balance the general fund, the fund ended the fiscal 2012 year with net assets of $18.32 million -- $296,462 less than fiscal 2011.

The water and sewer fund fared a bit better. It produced $877,120 in profits, even after the $1.35 million transfer to the general fund. The year-end fund balance was $11.37 million.

The remaining enterprise funds had varying years. Most notably, the sanitation and Bureau of Civic Affairs funds passed $1 million balances.

The sanitation fund ended fiscal 2012 at $1.15 million, up $293,530 from fiscal 2011. The Bureau of Civic Affairs and Visitor Center, primarily made up of hotel/motel tax money, ended its year at $1 million, up from $673,453 from the prior year.

A complete copy of the report can be obtained at Warner Robins City Hall.

There was $1.75 million left in the 2001 special purpose local option sales tax fund and $7.1 million in the 2006 SPLOST fund, according to the report.

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