Most Macon businesses closed during random police checks reopened

Macon police made some random checks at some city businesses Tuesday looking for up-to-date business licenses.

Of the 10 locations checked, seven were forced to close until proper licensing was obtained, according to a police news release. Three hotels were also cited, but police did not close those businesses as to not displace guests. The hotel owners were told to not rent additional rooms until obtaining the proper licenses, the news release stated.

Most of the businesses were back open by the end of the day Wednesday.

City policy states that businesses must obtain a business license at the start of each calendar year, police said.

One of the business owners cited Tuesday showed officers a 2005 business license saying that was the last time they received one, police said.

The businesses closed during the random checks were:

American Deli, 919 Pio Nono Ave.; The Lottery Store, 3535 Eisenhower Parkway; Holiday Inn Express, 2720 Riverside Drive; Chevron, 2510 Pio Nono Ave.; IHOP, 1224 Eisenhower Parkway; Lucky Lottery Mart, 3457 Pio Nono Ave.; and Subway, 1433 Eisenhower Parkway.

The following hotels were cited but not closed:

Motel 6, 2690 Riverside Drive, Budget Inn, 2566 Riverside Drive; and Holiday Inn Express, 2720 Riverside Drive.

By the end of the business day Wednesday, all but two of the businesses -- Chevron and Lucky Lottery Mart -- had obtained current licenses, according to the city’s Business License Division.

“Most business owners in Macon willingly and routinely obtain their business license each year,” Macon police Chief Mike Burns stated in the news release. “It’s troubling to see that many do not. These random checks should be a wake-up call to anyone without a current, valid business license in our city.”