Wesleyan, Mercer cited in latest Princeton Review guide

Wesleyan College and Mercer University are among the colleges cited in The Princeton Review’s annual guide to the country’s best colleges.

The 2013 edition of “The Best 377 Colleges” gave Wesleyan an academic rating of 91, a quality of life rating of 80, a financial aid rating of 83, an admissions selectivity rating of 89, and a “green” rating of 82.

Wesleyan was ranked 19th in the nation for “class discussion encouraged,” eighth on the “stone cold sober schools” list, fourth for low beer usage in the “got milk” category, and sixth for low hard-liquor use reported in “scotch & soda, hold the scotch.”

The guide ranked Mercer No. 8 among schools for the level of student participation in intramural sports.

The guide has top 10 lists for certain categories based on student surveys. It also has two-page profiles of the schools and student survey-based ranking lists of top 20 colleges in more than 62 categories.

Mercer placed in the “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.”

Only about 15 percent of the four-year colleges in America and two Canadian colleges were chosen for the guide.

In its two-page profile on Mercer, The Princeton Review commended Mercer’s strong academics and faculty.

The guide’s choices are based on institutional data collected about schools, visits to the schools over the years, feedback gathered from students attending the schools, and the opinions of its staff and the 30-member National College Counselor Advisory Board.