Man injured, hit with bike part

A 19-year-old Macon man told police he was wounded Sunday night when someone flung a bicycle part that gashed his shoulder.

Antwan Glynn said he and a woman had been outside talking at Pendleton Homes in the 3400 block of Houston Avenue. It seems the woman had been “spreading rumors about their sexual involvement,” according to officer Jennifer Heidenreich’s incident report.

While Glynn and the woman were chatting, at about 9:30, five men who Glynn described as gang members walked up and started hitting and kicking him. Glynn grabbed a shovel from a nearby porch to defend himself. That’s when someone threw a metal bicycle peg -- a rod-like part that protrudes from a bike’s axle -- and injured him.

Glynn ran to his mother’s house. He heard gunshots in the distance, but wasn’t sure who was firing. Onlookers who wouldn’t tell police their names said they saw a man with a rifle, shooting it near the entrance to Pendleton Homes. They said he rode off on a bicycle before the police showed up.

Glynn was taken by ambulance to a Macon hospital.