Macon store employee shoots car burglar in Academy Sports parking lot

An Academy Sports employee shot a man in a fight outside the store early Tuesday morning after finding the man rummaging through his 1993 Honda Accord.

After completing his shift at 1 a.m., Emmanuel Monroe walked into the parking lot, located at 1689 Eisenhower Parkway, and saw 51-year-old Charles Stinson Jr. inside his car, according to a Macon police report released Tuesday.

Monroe, 27, confronted Stinson, asking what he was doing in the car. Stinson was in the front seat, leaning in to the back of the car. Stinson replied, “I did not know it was your car,” according to the report.

A struggle broke out and Stinson ran off. Meanwhile, Monroe retrieved his gun from underneath the center console of the car. He told police that Stinson seemed to reach for something and he fired three shots from his .38 caliber revolver, according to the report.

Monroe called police who found blood in a trail headed to the back of the building. Officers also found Stinson’s wallet near the car. Monroe found a box of his bullets in a bag near where he’d shot Stinson. Police also found a box near his car that contained items he’d been storing in his trunk, according to the report.

Officers later found that Stinson had been treated at Coliseum Northside Hospital for a gunshot wound in his jaw.

He was transferred to The Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment of facial wounds, according to a police news release.

Monroe, of Macon, has not been charged in the shooting. Stinson, of Lizella, will be charged with entering auto when he’s released from the hospital, according to police.

Writer Liz Fabian contributed to this report. To contact writer Amy Leigh Womack, call 744-4398.