Byron considers requiring cameras for businesses that sell alcohol to-go

BYRON -- City Council will decide next month whether businesses that sell alcoholic beverages packaged to go will be required to install primary and back-up security cameras.

Council heard the first reading Monday of an ordinance that would require such businesses to install the cameras and make images available to police in the event of a crime.

It also outlines potential monthly inspection of the cameras by law enforcement authorities.

In addition, the ordinance imposes a minimum $250 fine and potential 30-day alcohol license suspension for those who do not comply. A second offense would lead to a minimum $350 fine and mandatory license suspension for 60 days.

Council will vote on the ordinance at their next monthly meeting.

In other business, council approved a policy requiring full payment for space in the city’s cemetery before the plot can be used. Council also removed a plot from commercial space designation in the cemetery’s new addition for use as a pauper’s burial plot. The plot was accidently designated commercial and is part of several other pauper burial plots.

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