Your Garden Guy: Todd’s ‘don’t do it’ list for the landscape

Fall will be here before we know it! Fall is the very best time to dig and plant in your landscape. So, to save you some time and money, here is my list of “don’t do it” items.

Don’t use rocks/pebbles as ground cover or mulch.

Don’t use privet, Leyland cypress, red tip, mahonia or Bradford pear.

Don’t forget about edging around all beds that touch the lawn.

Don’t use plastic for edging, yard art or hanging baskets.

Don’t plant petunia, marigold, cana lily or ajuga.

Don’t plant the spreading variety of liriope.

Don’t use pampas grass anywhere in the landscape.

Don’t group one-of-a-kind plants together.

Don’t buy wisteria or trumpet vine.

Don’t plant trees closer than 12 feet from the house.

Don’t plant trees that will block the view to the front door.

Don’t plant mimosa, weeping willow or sweet gum.

Don’t put fertilizer or lime on the lawn without a soil test.

Don’t put sand on the lawn.

Don’t feed the squirrels or deer.

Don’t plant ivy in areas where it will not be contained.

Don’t plant bamboo, ever!

Don’t buy tiny, itty bitty plants at the nursery.

Don’t buy diseased or stressed plants from the nursery.

Don’t forget to add landscape fabric and mulch to all beds.

Don’t buy plants, trees and shrubs that will not get installed within a week.

Don’t buy cheap outdoor furniture.

Don’t buy cushions for outdoor furniture that aren’t covered with Sunbrella fabric.

Don’t buy outdoor seat cushions that are in jewel tones.

Don’t buy shovels, rakes, hoes or hoses without lifetime warranties.

Don’t create a high maintenance landscape.

Now, some of you may want to know why something was on my list. I’ll answer those questions in next week’s column.

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