Macon woman charged with slashing woman during fight

Macon police charged a woman early Sunday morning with aggravated assault after she allegedly slashed another woman with a knife, according to a police report.

Police charged Kendra Turner, 36, of 2800 Masseyville Road, with aggravated assault after officers responded to a fight at the corner of Wallace and Jeffersonville roads at 10:30 p.m. Saturday night.

Officers met with the victim, Tajuanna James, who had a 3-inch cut across her chest. While having a family gathering, a fight broke out among family members, according to the report. James reportedly had gotten into a fight with her niece, Shanadra Cooper, when witnesses saw Turner allegedly wield a knife and slash James. After that, a group of men arrived and a larger fight ensued, according to the report.

Turner was taken to the Bibb County jail, where she was later released on a $16,700 bond.