Jobs fair to feature Saudi aircraft company

WARNER ROBINS -- Scotty Phillips thinks people have heard about enough of the outsourcing of American jobs, so he wants to outsource the actual American worker.

Phillips, recruitment manager for Alsalam Aircraft Co. in Saudi Arabia, will be at Robins Air Force Base next week trying to hire aircraft mechanics and pilots for the Royal Saudi Air Force. He is looking for people with experience in either the F-15 or C-130.

The company will be among about 20 organizations at a career expo to be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Aug. 2 at Building 956, the Heritage Club. The expo is open to anyone with base access, said Corey Branning, operations manager of, which puts on the event each year.

Other organizations to attend include Lockheed Martin, several law enforcement agencies and others.

Phillips, a Georgia native, said Alsalam has hired Robins retirees before but has never actually come here in a recruitment drive. He said the company already has picked up some Robins employees who accepted early retirement buyouts, and he is hopeful to find more by coming here in person. He said he has about 90 jobs to fill.

The hiring is unrelated to the recent sale of new F-15s to Saudi Arabia, he said, but once those planes are in the country, the demand for mechanics and pilots will triple.

“This is a pretty long-term deal if you wanted it to be,” he said.

He also said some people may worry about anti-American sentiment in Saudi Arabia, but he hasn’t found that to be the case in his time working there. “You can go downtown and do whatever you want,” he said.

But perhaps the best selling point, he said, is no income taxes. Because it is a permanent position in another country, there wouldn’t be U.S. taxes, and Saudi Arabia doesn’t have income taxes because its government is funded by oil sales.

For more information about the expo, go to and click on the “job fairs” link.

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