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Here is a list of the Monday's top stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Bechtel files suit against Dallemand, claiming student privacy rights invaded / 4,197 page views

2. Macon recycling workers charged under new metal theft laws / 3,028 page views

3. The next Herschel isn't out there / 2,653 page views

4. Bibb schools again rocked by serious allegations / 1,994 page views

5. Gator near Warner Robins returned to wild without incident / 1,242 page views

6. State health officials recommend further tests on home wells / 1,159 page views

7. Macon woman charged with striking boyfriend with car / 1,077 page views

8. Wilkinson deputies need help identifying burglar / 1,044 page views

9. Crawford County boy on life support after falling into pool / 1,035 page views

10. Macon police seek help identifying suspects in bank break-in attempt / 975 page views