Macon recycling workers charged under new metal theft laws

An undercover police investigation found violations at two Macon recycling centers Saturday.

Macon police charged three workers with purchasing a coil without proper documentation under new laws that took effect July 1, according to a news release from the Macon Police Department.

Investigators found violations at Schnitzer Recycling at 950 Lower Poplar Street and KT Recycling at 1773 Jeffersonville Road.

Schnitzer Recycling employees Kevin Mouzon Denny, 43, of Haddock, and Jeffery Scott Nebel, 36, of Macon, were charged, according to a police report released Monday.

Police seized a $7.20 check issued for the coils, a small outdoor air conditioning unit, a large air conditioning coil and the housing for a window unit, according to the report.

KT Recycling employee Maggie Lena Williams, 30, of Warner Robins was charged, according to a separate police report released Monday.

Police seized a $15.30 check, a $1 scrap receipt, an air conditioning unit, coils and casing for an air conditioning unit, according to the report.