Macon woman with bullet in forehead to have surgery Friday

For weeks, Doris Day hardly noticed the bullet in her forehead.

“It didn’t bother me, but now I’m getting headaches,” Day said at her home Thursday afternoon.

The pain was so bad at 4 a.m. Thursday, she called for an ambulance.

The 30-year-old east Macon store clerk was wounded June 9 in a shooting near Kris’s Corner Shop on Millerfield Road.

Day was leaving the store when she heard gunshots and saw people running from a car wash next door. A bullet ricocheted off the building and hit her in the forehead.

Day’s doctors thought it best not to try to remove the bullet immediately and originally said she needed to wait about 10 days.

More than a month later, the bullet is scheduled to come out Friday morning, she said.

After a dose of stronger painkillers early Thursday in the emergency room at The Medical Center of Central Georgia, she was released to prepare for Friday’s surgery.

She’s looking forward to losing the bulge between her eyebrows but hopes she will still have a job when she recovers.

“I’ve been out of work and still bills due,” she said.