Midstate man allegedly pulls gun on woman, forces her to strip

A Middle Georgia man is accused of pointing a gun at a woman and forcing her to take off her clothes while his friend searched her purse, according to a police report released Tuesday.

Police responded to Buena Vista Drive Monday after receiving a call about an aggravated assault reported to have happened shortly after 10 a.m. at Z’s Lounge on Williamson Road.

June Scott told police she was helping two men clean up the lounge when one of them accused her of taking money from the slot machines.

Scott denied taking money, at which point one of the men pointed a gun at her and forced her to strip naked while the other man searched her purse, according to the report.

Scott told police the men allowed her to go once it became evident she had not stolen money.

She gathered her clothes and exited the building in the nude, where she got into a car with a friend, according to the report.

The friend told police she saw one of the men pointing a gun at Scott while Scott stood nude in the lounge.

Scott was unable to provide information about the two men.