The weekend's top stories on

Here is a list of the weekend's top stories on, as measured by Omniture.

1. Man dies in wreck after striking tree in Macon / 5,012 page views

2. Former Macon car dealer Mark Smith dies in Florida / 4,907 page views

3. From the Pulpit: Imagine no religion? / 3,038 page views

4. Night of Panic: The evening before Lauren Giddings was found dead, her friends and kin sounded the alarm / 3,002 page view

5. Old photos show Ga. sheriff in KKK party costume / 2,303 page views

6. Pot spotting: Task force scans from on high for marijuana / 2,272 page views

7. Financially-strapped Nevada city declared disaster / 2,154 page views

8. Macon's Bill Tribble dead at 80 / 1,742 page views

9. Armed witness stops attack on woman in Athens / 1,574 page views

10. Ranking the games: The trip to Columbia is No. 2 / 1,404 page views