Putnam dairy farm agrees to $8,000 contamination fine

A Putnam County dairy farm has agreed to pay $8,000 to settle a state complaint that it was improperly spreading manure and allowing contaminated water to run directly into a pond.

Green Glades Farm Inc. signed the consent order with the state’s Environmental Protection Division on May 29. The problems were discovered during an October inspection that found six violations, according to the order.

Green Glades was taking wastewater from its milking parlor and hoof wash station directly to Davis Lake, instead of going into an existing wastewater storage tank. The farm also wasn’t keeping records for how it spread manure, didn’t do soil and wastewater testing and didn’t have a nutrient management plan.

The consent order notes that violations of the state’s Georgia Water Quality Control Act can reach $50,000 per day.

The consent order requires the farm to get an approved nutrient management plan. It also has to hire an engineer to evaluate whether the farm’s wastewater storage tanks are sufficient and begin keeping proper records and stop runoff into the lake.