Peach County working to cut $1.6 million from fiscal 2013 budget

The Peach County fiscal 2013 budget stands about $1.6 million in the red though an official draft has not yet been completed, according to County Administrator Marcia Johnson.

County commissioners aim to reduce expenses to the expected $15.7 million revenue. Expenditures are at about $17.3 million right now, according to Johnson. The Peach County fiscal year begins Oct. 1, but commissioners aim to complete the budget by Aug. 1.

“Commissioners are in the cutting stage,” Johnson said. “There are some obvious areas where things can be cut. They just haven’t gotten there yet.”

Johnson said the county’s budget year, which is later than the July 1 fiscal year in Houston and Bibb counties, allows for a better idea of what property taxes will be. Since the tax digest isn’t due until early August, Houston and Bibb counties predict the property taxes.

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