Hutto awarded Bibb County STAR student honor

Katy Hutto of Mount de Sales Academy was named Bibb County’s STAR student Monday night at a banquet at Macon State College.

Hutto, the daughter of Macon City Councilman Rick Hutto, chose Benjamin Rollins as her STAR teacher.

Chip Cherry, president and CEO of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, said the honorees represent the best and brightest of Bibb County.

“These are very bright individuals,” said Cherry, whose organization sponsors the event. “The other thing that is unique is watching who they select as their (STAR) teacher. Some of them go back to elementary school with their pick. ... We’re celebrating what’s right in education.”

Hutto said Rollins has helped her not only in the classroom but also in the college application process.

“He’s a general expert on life and how to deal with it,” Hutto told those in attendance. “He’s an incredible person. ... I appreciate everything’s he’s done for me.”

Hutto said she hasn’t yet decided where she will attend college. She said her two favorite subjects are English and math.

“She’s the best writer I’ve ever had in my teaching career,” said Rollins, who teaches senior AP English. “How modest she is about her skills makes me appreciate her even more.”

Each year, every public and private school in Bibb County selects a STAR student candidate. The students must have the highest score on the SAT in their school and be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students in their class.

Each STAR student nominee selects a teacher as their STAR teacher.

Hutto will now go to compete for regional honors. Those winners will then vie to be named the state’s PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) STAR student of the year.

Other STAR student candidates and their teachers from across Bibb County include, respectively: Parker Stults, Mary Ann Gore (Central Fellowship Christian Academy); Sulaiman Somani, Wendell Ramage (Central High School); Zachary Shealy, Barry Shealy (First Presbyterian Day); Rebecca Harris, Melinda Powell (Howard High School); Brandon Hill, Jadun McCarthy (Northeast High School); Sanam Patel, Elizabeth Sanders (Rutland High School); Brian Beringer, Frank Katz (Stratford Academy); Becky Thublin, Candace Bridges (Tattnall Square Academy); Samantha Walker, Helen Rutherford (Westside High School); and Bryanna Smalls, Margarite Bruce (Hutchings Career Center).

During Monday’s banquet, former Bibb County school board member Albert Abrams announced that McCarthy, the Bibb County Teacher of the Year, was named a finalist Monday for the state’s Teacher of the Year award.

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