Macon area residents begin sharing their stories for public radio

Got a great personal tale or just want to talk about yourself? A traveling sound studio set up in an Airstream trailer is parked in Macon through March 12 to record and facilitate interviews of regular folks, and, if they’re compelling enough, share them with others on public radio.

The StoryCorps’ MobileBooth, as it is called, set up at Rosa Parks Square across from Macon City Hall on Thursday.

“I’m continually surprised by how much authentic emotion gets expressed in the booth. ... It’s almost like the rest of the world disappears and they’re baring their souls and their hearts,” said Eloise Melzer, who helps coordinate the interviews. Among the early participants was Alan Walden, a co-founder of Capricorn Records. To schedule an interview, call (800) 850-4406 or visit