Illness forces Howard out of House 136 race

House District 136 candidate Sharon B. Howard has dropped out of the Feb. 15 special election to fill that seat because of an illness, she said Thursday.

“I really wanted to serve the people, but I have to leave the race because of an illness. I’ve had a burst blood vessel in my frontal lobe,” Howard said. “I have to recover from this.”

The seat became vacant after Rep. Tony Sellier died Nov. 30 from congestive heart failure.

Howard, 39, was vying for the seat against Judye Sellier, 61, and Robert Dickey, 57, both Republican.

Judye Sellier is the wife of the late representative and a former Crawford Board of Education chairwoman. Dickey is the co-owner of Dickey Farms, a peach and timber farm in Musella.

Howard lost to Tony Sellier in the November general election.

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