Monroe officials avoid court through agreement

Two Monroe County officials agreed to settle their differences outside of court Wednesday, following disorderly conduct charges they both faced after a physical altercation in November.

School board member J.P. Evans and Development Authority member James Green agreed to a pre-warrant intervention Wednesday before a scheduled hearing in the county’s Magistrate Court.

The charges stemmed from a fight that took place at Forsyth Country Club last month.

According to the police report, both parties have different accounts of how an argument started. But soon after, words were exchanged and things turned physical.

Green said Evans pulled a pocket knife from his pants pocket, prompting him to pick up a golf club and push Evans to the ground in self-defense, according to the report. Evans said Green started arguing and then struck him with the club and pushed him to the ground. He said the knife fell out of his pocket during the fight, and he was trying to defend himself from Green, the report stated.

Green later requested that the court issue a good behavior warrant that says Evans stay at least 1,000 feet from Green.

Monroe County Magistrate Judge Jeff Davis handed the case over to Berryl A. Anderson, chief magistrate judge for DeKalb County, because both Evans and Green are public officials in Monroe County.

If they would have proceeded with court, either party could have been subject to jail time. The intervention agreement is an option given to anyone who comes into the court, Davis said.

“We let them speak in private, and we give them an opportunity to work it out themselves,” he said.

Details of the agreement include no contact or telephone calls to the other party, no harassment of the other party by any means and no contact through a third person, e-mail, text message or any other means.

The agreement was signed by both parties and Anderson.

Phone calls from The Telegraph to Evans and Green were not returned.

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