Report: Williams points gun at tenant

WARNER ROBINS — A tenant of Warner Robins City Councilman John Williams accused Williams of pointing a gun at him Monday night, according to a police report.

No charges were filed, with police advising both the tenant and the councilman how each could pursue the matter in Houston County Magistrate Court, the Warner Robins police report stated.

“Due to the conflicting statements and lack of independent witnesses, both parties were advised of warrant procedures,” the report stated.

Williams, 71, who gave a statement to police, said Tuesday evening he could not remember what happened in the dispute with the tenant or what he said to police because of a heart procedure he had earlier that day in Macon. He said the medication he was given for the procedure affects memory.

"That sounds like a lame excuse, but it’s the truth," Williams said by telephone.

Brandon Lee Shaver, 25, a state Department of Corrections officer, said he was shocked by the councilman’s behavior and angered that Warner Robins police did not arrest Williams. Shaver said a police officer told him that Elna Williams, the councilman’s wife, told police that Williams did not have a gun.

“The whole thing is just blowing my mind away,” Shaver said in a telephone interview. Shaver said John Williams wanted him and his family to move out earlier than an agreed upon date of Oct. 1 and that he had gone to Williams’ home to talk to him about that.

Police told Shaver he could seek a warrant against John Williams for allegedly pointing a pistol at him, the report stated. Shaver said he plans to pursue the matter in Magistrate Court.

Police advised Williams he could seek a warrant against Shaver for alleged criminal trespass as well as eviction procedures through Magistrate Court, the report stated. Williams said he’d thought about seeking a warrant through Magistrate Court but had not as of Tuesday.

According to the report, Warner Robins police were dispatched to the councilman’s McArthur Boulevard at 8:19 p.m.

Williams told police, the report stated, that he and Shaver got into a verbal argument on the porch about Shaver allegedly being behind in rent and Shaver having been given a deadline to move out.

After asking Shaver to leave, Williams told police that he felt threatened and after repeatedly asking him to leave, he pointed a gun at Shaver and told him again to leave, according to the report.

Shaver told police, the report stated, that Williams was attempting to evict him about a dispute resulting from Williams allegedly failing to maintain the residence, including an alleged mold problem in the kitchen.

Shaver told police that he was unarmed and Williams allegedly then tossed a knife, which was in its sheath, at Shaver. Williams allegedly then told Shaver that Shaver was “armed now,” according to the report.

Also, Shaver told 911, when calling about the incident, that Williams had told him to get off his porch or he’d “blow his head off,” the report stated.

Elna Williams told police that the incident had occurred just as her husband had described, the report stated.

However, Elna Williams said in telephone interview, “John didn’t point a gun. He didn’t have a gun.”

When asked about what she told police, according to the report, she said, “they’ve been known to misstate facts quite a few times” in regard to her husband.

Tabitha Pugh, public information officer for Warner Robins police, said in a text message that she did not have any information on Monday’s incident. Pugh could not be reached immediately for additional comment Tuesday night after The Telegraph interviewed John and Elna Williams and Shaver.

In a separate incident earlier this year, John Williams is accused of making false statements to Warner Robins police officers in connection with reporting that his city-issued cell phone had been stolen. Williams previously told The Telegraph, "I'm guilty of nothing."

Dublin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Craig Fraser was named the special prosecutor by the state Attorney General’s Office at the request of the Houston County District Attorney’s Office. Houston County District Attorney Rabb Wilkerson previously said the decision to seek a special prosecutor was made in conjunction with Chief Assistant District Attorney Jason Ashford based on political ramifications associated with the case

Williams was charged with making false statements and writings, a felony, and false report of a crime, tampering with evidence and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, all misdemeanors. The charges were issued June 23 by Houston County Magistrate Court Judge Robert Turner.

Williams is accused of making a false report of a crime to Warner Robins police June 20 by claiming his cell phone was stolen from the Waffle House at 1501 Watson Blvd. and making false statements to police officers about the alleged theft, according to the arrest warrants.

Williams also is accused of attempting to cover up his alleged false statements and report by placing the phone in another location to make it appear as if it had been stolen and having two minors, ages 12 and 15, pretend they found the phone, according to the arrest warrants.

But Williams previously said that police are “crucifying me” because of unpopular decisions he has made in relation to budget requests and other issues. Police previously declined to comment on that case through Pugh.

Fraser could not be reached immediately for comment Tuesday night on the status of that case.

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