Business 1 ON 1 with Melissa Hamlin

Name: Melissa Hamlin, massage therapist

Business name: The Zen Den, 3260 Vineville Ave., Macon.

How long have you been in business? 14 years

What do you like best about your job? “I love helping people. You see a problem, and together you can fix it. Nobody ever says, ‘I hate seeing my massage therapist.’ Not like a dentist.”

What’s your specialty? “One area of work is sports-specific therapy. It’s event related.” Hamlin added an example of the sports-specific therapy would be a client who’s working on running, tennis or golf. Their therapy sessions would be tailored to their event.

“ ... getting your head in the right place for your event,” she said. “I use some yoga and Thai massage. The other work that I do relates to child birth ... prenatal yoga. I teach natural child birth classes and gentle mothering. ”

Future plans: “To become a certified teacher to teach general parenting. I’m looking for a grant. We don’t have anything like that in Macon. ... Teaching disciplinary styles and helping a child’s attentiveness ... not just changing diapers. I’m very passionate about that, especially in this area. ... We need more attentive parents.

What are your favorite places/things to do in the area? “I love going down the Ocmulgee in my canoe.”