Plans for north Macon bowling center placed on hold

Plans for a bowling center in north Bibb County were held up after some neighbors objected to the project at Monday’s zoning meeting.

Gold Cup Bowling Center, which has other bowling facilities on Pio Nono Avenue in Macon and on Russell Parkway in Warner Robins, has applied to the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission for a conditional-use permit to allow revisions to a previously approved site plan and final site plan which included the bowling center.

Plans are to build a 35,000-square-foot bowling center with a lounge at 6389 Zebulon Road. The center, with 32 bowling lanes, would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and would include rooms for private parties, arcade, an eating area and a lounge with alcohol consumed on premises.

David Hunter, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church at 6611 Zebulon Road, said “we are very much in favor of development in our area ... but we are concerned about a bowling area where open alcohol will be served and children will be bowling.”

Peter Bagley, who said he was vice president of operations and a resident caretaker at Hephzibah Children’s Home, 6601 Zebulon Road, said the home serves children and he’s concerned about alcohol being served that close by. He asked that the matter be deferred so the Hephzibah board could meet to discuss the matter.

Zan Thompson, owner of ZT3 Placemaker Studio land planner for the developer, said not only does an adjacent restaurant and convenience stores in the area sell alcohol, the original plan, which was approved by the zoning commission, called for a grocery store that would have sold alcohol.

State law regulates the distance between businesses that sell alcohol and that of day care centers, schools and places of worship, Thompson said, and that the bowling center met those regulations.

“This is really a land-use issue, and we meet all land use issues as far as alcohol is concerned,” he said.

The commissioners decided to defer the matter to the Aug. 23 meeting to give planners an opportunity to meet with those who oppose the bowling center.

In another matter, the commissioners voted to extend the moratorium on its special zoning regulations for electronic message signs until Sept. 28. Commissioners plan to have a called public meeting in August to discuss the matter again before voting on it at its Sept. 13 meeting.

Other items on the agenda were:


1900 Paul Walsh Drive: Variance in area requirements to allow signs for an educational facility, C-2 District. David Brandt; Fravert Services, applicant. Approved.


4437 Columbus Road: Conditional use to allow a banquet/event facility within an existing retail center, PDC District. Lucy Kim, applicant. Approved.

3065 (3069) Broadway: Conditional use to allow a manufacturing facility (bus conversion), M-1 District. Gerald Marshall, applicant. Approved.

310 Forest Ave.: Conditional use to allow expansion of an existing trade school (upholstery), R-3 District. Amir Hassan, applicant. Approved.

4390 Interstate Drive: Conditional use to allow a furniture warehouse and distribution center in an existing building, PDI District. Bo Pennebaker, applicant. Approved.

201 Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.: Conditional use to allow an educational facility (technical school) within an existing shopping center, C-2 District. Sidney Haynes; Jim Mitchell, applicant. Approved.

1561 N. Avondale Circle: Conditional use to allow a trade shop (sign manufacturing) in an existing building, M-1 District. Mike Rawlins; Mr. Signs, applicant. Approved.

777 Mulberry St.: Conditional use to allow an outreach center in an existing building, (clothing closet), CBD-1 District. Mulberry Street United Methodist Church, applicant. Approved.

2490-2500 New Clinton Road: Conditional use to allow a convenience store with gasoline sales, C-1 District. GDP Properties LLC; King Kemper, applicant. Approved.

159 Macon West Drive: Conditional use to allow automobile service and repair, PDE District. Dan Todd, applicant. Approved.

3911 Napier Ave.: Conditional use to allow a car wash/auto detail service at an existing convenience store, C-2 District. Bobby Hamm, applicant. Approved.

6010 Peake Road: Conditional use to allow master plan approval of campus improvements and final site plan approval of a new building for an existing school, A- Agricultural District. Carter & Sloope Inc.; Stratford Academy, applicant. Approved.

5021 Mercer University Drive: Conditional use to allow an office/distribution center, training of hair care products, and a salon in an existing building, PDC District. Sheila Barton, applicant. Approved.


1035 College St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of landscaping of a vacant parcel, HR-3 District. Russell Barber Jr., applicant. Approved.

1447 Forsyth St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of exterior modifications and fencing, HR-3 District. Quita Edwards, applicant. Approved.

1326 Ross St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of a building addition and landscaping, HPD-BH District. Josh Rogers, Historic Macon Foundation, applicant. Approved.

155 Oak Haven Ave.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of exterior modifications and a building addition (attached garage), HR-2 District. Shannon Fickling, applicant. Approved.


3910 and 3914 Broadway: Variance in setback requirements to allow a fence, M-1 District. Benny Crooms; Crooms Quality Cars. Deferred.


2448 Recreation Road: Interpretation of Section 24.05 and Section 24.06 of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution to allow subdivision of a property, R-2 District. Cornelius Demps, applicant. Interpreted as allowed.

651 Mulberry St.: Interpretation of Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission’s authority to enforce zoning regulations on the Grand Opera House, CBD-1 District. By advice of legal counsel, the property is exempt and the commission does not have authority to enforce its electronic sign regulations on the marquee, however, Commissioner Damon King said it would “encourage the occupants to tone it down.”

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