Macon massage parlor worker plans to sue

The lawyer for a woman arrested in a March massage parlor bust has filed notice with the city of Macon that she plans to file a $500,000 lawsuit.

Macon lawyer Reza Sedghi said Sun Cho, 29, is filing the lawsuit because she feels the city hasn’t done anything to look into the case.

The basis for the lawsuit includes allegations of illegal arrest, sexual assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, according to the notice.

“We sort of felt like we had to take this next step to get them to do something,” Sedghi said.

No complaints have been filed with the police department’s internal affairs division, said Sgt. Mike Kenirey.

While the police department can initiate an internal investigation, typically investigations are launched following complaints from a person alleging misconduct, he said.

Cho was charged with solicitation of sodomy following the March 3 raid.

The notice filed with the city alleges an undercover police officer solicited oral sex and paid her $80. After the sex act, the officer called for back-up and arrested Cho, according to the notice.

The officer’s DNA has been identified by semen inside a condom Cho placed in a freezer before her arrest, according to the notice.

Kenirey said the case is similar to other massage parlor busts in which the women have been “very aggressive” with the undercover officers.

“Based on the actions of the suspect, the actions of the officer were appropriate,” he said.

Sedghi said Cho is willing to drop the lawsuit if criminal charges are dropped against her.

Cho’s case is still pending in Bibb County State Court.

Sedghi confirmed Cho is on probation for a similar charge in Colorado.

Information from The Telegraph’s archives was included in this report.

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