Man fatally shot while driving in Macon

There was a dead man at the wheel of the old Chevy that had just plowed into the fence beside her carport and a hysterical woman, who’d been riding in the car, suddenly bursting in her back door, wailing for somebody to call the cops.

But one of the first things Christina Childs noticed just before noon Tuesday was the bullet holes in the door of the still-running ’87 Monte Carlo Super Sport with its T-top open. The holes were those fake, stick-on things that make it look like the door and trunk and whatever else they’re slapped on has been sprayed with ammunition.

What Childs noticed, too, was that the man who’d been driving, his head cocked back on the driver’s side headrest, was bloody and he wasn’t moving.

“My friend just got shot!” the screaming woman had said, and, sure enough, Childs later recalled, he had been — rolling to a stop in her chain-link fence after ramming a tree stump left behind from the 2008 Mother’s Day twister.

Childs’ mother, Martha Simmons, who opened the door for the woman, said, “She said she ducked. I reckon that’s why she didn’t get shot.”

Childs, who by then had gone out to see what all the fuss was about, said, “I told the 911 operator, ‘I believe he’s dead ...’ But I didn’t turn the car off. I didn’t want to touch anything.”

The shooting victim, James “Jamie” Olan Abney Jr., 34, was a suspect in a 12:30 a.m. robbery at a house in north Macon on Tuesday.

Eleven or so hours later, Macon police say, Abney was shot once in the head and killed.

The shooting happened about 11:30 a.m., at the intersection of Mickey Street and Lindsey Drive, just east of Bloomfield Drive, about half a mile north of Rocky Creek Road. Abney lived about a block and a half away on Lindwood Drive, authorities said.

Police had two suspects in custody late Tuesday evening and charged each with murder. Michael Todd Rice, 27, of Macon, and Stanley Michael Dominy, 31, also of Macon, were being held in the Bibb County Jail.

“We believe one of the shooters got out of (their) car and shot several times,” said Macon police Lt. Carl Fletcher.

Fletcher said another pair of suspects was being sought.

Police did not disclose the name of the woman riding with Abney.

“We had just gotten home,” said Childs, a 33-year-old medical technician and mother of three school-age daughters. “We were downstairs cleaning up. I had the TV and the radio on, and I heard somebody ringing the doorbell. I thought it was somebody playing. Then she started just bamming on the door. ‘Call the police! Call the police!’ ... She was real shaky. She had run all the way through the house.”

“Nervous as hell,” Simmons, Childs’ mother, added.

Childs said the woman tried to call her friends on Childs’ cell phone but no one answered. Childs said the woman seemed to know who’d fired the shots.

“She called their names,” Childs said.

Bibb County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Smallwood said Rice, of 160 Von Ron Drive, just west of Bass Road between Rivoli Drive and Forsyth Road, reported being robbed of $1,100 by Abney and a woman, Erin Mazza, an acquaintance of Rice’s.

“(Rice) got a call (from Mazza) asking if she could come over and he said, ‘Yeah.’ So shortly after midnight, she showed up at the house with Jamie Abney,” Smallwood said. “They asked if they could play pool and ... they walked in and started playing pool, began putting the balls on the table and Jamie came up behind him and grabbed him and put him in a chokehold and was choking him down. He said he almost lost consciousness. (Abney) pulled a gun and he said, ‘Get the money,’ and (Rice) believes Erin is the one who took the $1,100 from his pocket.”

Sheriff’s investigators had been searching for Abney until they heard he had been found dead, crashed into Childs’ yard not far from Rice Elementary School, roughly half a mile south of Williamson Road.

Mazza, 27, was jailed Tuesday on an armed robbery charge, Smallwood said, adding that Mazza was not the woman riding with Abney when Abney was shot to death.

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