Dodge County cuts band, cheerleader busing to away games

The Dodge County Board of Education will cut transportation for band members and cheerleaders for away games in the upcoming school year, Superintendent Darrel May said.

The Dodge school board unanimously approved that decision at a work session Thursday in response to state budget cuts, May said.

The move would primarily affect students during football games. Transportation will continue to be provided for band and cheerleader competitions, May said.

While May did not say how much money the decision would save, it will eliminate the use of two to three buses for band members and one bus for cheerleaders for each away game.

The decision may be followed by staff layoffs and cuts to elective student programs with declining participation, May said.

“We’re trying to reduce the budget as much as we can before we get the big ax pulled on us,” he said.

The board may call more meetings in the future to discuss budgetary issues in addition to its work sessions that take place the fourth Thursday of every month.

“Our district, like many others, are facing budget cuts. We (will try to) continue to offer quality services with less money,” he said.