Bass property may be graded, cleared

Property on Bass Road earmarked for commercial/retail businesses may be graded and cleared.

The Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission is expected to consider at its Monday meeting a conditional-use permit for 1550 Bass Road to allow clearing and grading of the property prior to site plan approval.

The site is part of a multi-acre development known as Providence Village North Macon. In October 2007, the commission approved a final site plan to allow a mixed-use development featuring retail, office space, loft apartments and a four-story hotel. The hotel has been built and construction of Natalia’s restaurant is under way.

The current application is for clearing and grading 8.25 acres of a 34-acre site between Interstate 75, the Southern Natural Gas plant and Beaverdam Creek.

The work at the site is needed to provide dirt to previously approved Providence developments and to allow marketing of the property to potential users, according to the commission’s staff report.

Other local agencies have been contacted regarding soil erosion, floodplain and creek buffers, the staff report states.

“Allowing clearing and grading of the current site will allow the project to proceed as planned; however, staff is concerned about the property that has already been cleared but not developed,” the report states. “At present, these areas are visually unappealing and potentially a soil erosion problem, especially after heavy rains. With new construction at a standstill, the previously cleared area and the proposed area may be vacant for quite some time.”

Rob Ballard, owner of development firm Placemaker LLC, said Friday that the dirt is needed to level out other areas of the site on Bass Road for two out-parcels under contract for sale. One is for a convenience store expected to begin construction in a few months and the other is for a pharmacy that would begin construction this summer.

The meeting, which begins at 1:30 p.m., is held in the Macon City Council chambers at City Hall, 700 Poplar St.

Other items on the agenda are:


2122 Eisenhower Parkway: In violation of Section 25.14 [2] (b) (ii) and (iii) and Section 2514 [2] (c) of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (illegal banners), C-2 District. Trey Philips.


584 Emery Highway: Conditional use to allow a convenience store with gas canopy, C-2 District. Louis Avery, applicant.

0 Houston Road (northeast corner of Houston and Liberty Church roads): Conditional use to allow a convenience store with gas canopy, A-Agricultural District. Louis Avery, applicant.

3190 Mercer University Drive: Conditional use to allow a freestanding ice machine, C-2 District. Kendall Mimbs; J. Wayne Crowley, applicant.


535 College St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of exterior modifications to an existing structure, HR-3 District. Joe Adams, applicant.


2000 Bowman Park: In violation of Section 25.12 [3] and Section 25.12 [5] of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (illegal illuminated freestanding sign), PDE District. Value Place Macon, Phillip Cox.

147 Alpine Drive: In violation of Section 27.05 and Section 4.07 [1] (a) (ii) of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (accessory building erected without a Zoning Compliance, accessory building in violation of setback requirements and distance requirements), MHR District. Ernest Barlow.

4882 Fulton Mill Road: In violation of Section 23.01 [3] (j) of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (auto repair as an illegal home occupation) A-Agricultural District. Walter Henley.