Fight, reported gunshot clear Dublin craft fair

A gun was apparently fired Saturday during a fight between two groups of teenage boys at an arts and crafts festival in Dublin.

When police arrived at the scene they made one arrest and shut down the fair for the rest of the day.

Dublin Police Chief Wayne Cain said the fight started about 3 p.m. in Stubbs Park during the St. Patrick’s Arts and Crafts Festival.

“We had two groups of people that showed up at the arts and crafts festival that apparently had problems with each other,” Cain said. “Apparently the fight was intentional. They planned to fight at the park.”

Cain said he could not say if the fight was gang related.

Cain said police had reports that a shot was fired. About 10 people were involved in the fight, he said. When police arrived at the scene the fighting teenagers scattered, but officers were able to arrest one. Cain said he did not have the arrested individual’s name Saturday night.

“The worst part was the young people running to see what was going on,” Cain said. Two women were knocked down in the rush, but they did not need medical attention.

In the interest of public safety police closed down the arts and crafts fair at 3:30 p.m., two and a half hours before it was scheduled to close.