Money stolen from Twiggs evidence locker, sheriff says

Money was stolen from an evidence locker at the Twiggs County Sheriff’s office last week, and Sheriff Darren Mitchum has asked the GBI to investigate.

Mitchum said the money — evidence from a drug case — was a “substantial” amount, but he would not give specifics, citing the ongoing investigation.

“I’ve asked the GBI to do the investigation,” Mitchum said. “I don’t know if it’s an employee or someone from the outside.”

The money wasn’t in the department’s evidence room, but instead in a temporary evidence holding area that’s used if the evidence is turned into the office at night or on the weekends, Mitchum said.

He said investigators noticed last week that the box that held the money looked as if it had been tampered with.

The temporary evidence holding area is in a place that members of the public don’t have access to.

There’s been no tampering with the drugs that also are a part of the case, Mitchum said, and the individuals charged in the case couldn’t go free because the money is missing.

GBI agent Gary Rothwell said agents are working on the case, but he wouldn’t say if there are any suspects. “We haven’t made any determinations,” he said.

Mitchum said it’s the first time anything like this has happened during his two terms of office, and that he plans to punish whoever took the money.

“They’ll be prosecuted fully,” he said. “It’s a shame that it might be an employee or employees behind this.”

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