Pam Tebow to speak at Macon’s Sav-A-Life banquet

When the local branch of Sav-A-Life decided to bring in Pam Tebow as a guest speaker for this year’s banquet, there was a bit of a dilemma.

Steve Foxworth, the group’s executive director, said he wasn’t worried about any controversy over her message. The dilemma arose from bringing in the mother of one of the most famous Florida Gator football players ever — 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow — into the heart of Georgia Bulldog country.

“(Georgia fans) can celebrate that he’s graduating,” Foxworth said with a chuckle. “But even the biggest Bulldog fan has to appreciate the character of Tim Tebow.”

Foxworth said a postcard featuring Georgia and Florida logos was mailed the week of the Georgia-Florida game to let people know of Pam Tebow’s speech in Macon, to be held Tuesday night at the Macon City Auditorium. Evidently, anti-Gators sentiment hasn’t slowed the response from people wanting to see Pam Tebow.

Nearly 1,000 people have signed up, Foxworth said, and the balcony will be open for the overflow crowd.

Pam Tebow will be talking about her decision not to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Tim, despite her doctors’ recommendations at the time.

It’s a similar message to the one the Tebows delivered in a television commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. Many pro-choice groups opposed the spot, but it ultimately aired.

“People who opposed the ad never saw the ad (before it aired),” Foxworth said. “It drew more people in to watch the ad than would have otherwise. It’s an ad that celebrates life. It’s not an anti-abortion ad. That’s what she believes, that life is worth celebrating. It’s almost simple in its message. It’s not confrontational.”

Foxworth said his group isn’t one that believes in violence. Rather, it seeks to offer counseling to women facing the choice of possibly having an abortion.

He said many women the group has counseled went on to have abortions.

“We believe in the person, not a position,” Foxworth said.

He said the organization will be changing its name from Sav-A-Life to Caring Solutions Pregnancy Center in the coming weeks, complete with a new Web site.

Pam Tebow has been much in demand as a speaker since the Super Bowl ad aired.

Her publicist said this week that she has had to turn down numerous interview requests, and has several more speaking engagements planned.

Foxworth said previous speakers at the banquet have included former Georgia Gov. Zell Miller and nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas. He said the banquet’s goal this year is to raise $250,000.

There are still seats available for free in the balcony, he said. For more information, visit www.sal

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