Two Bibb railroad crossings repaired

Norfolk Southern fixed a weeks-old problem in south Bibb County on Thursday, but will need to close part of Masseyville Road in east Macon today.

Beginning at 8 a.m., the Masseyville Road railroad crossing near Mogul Road and Lakeshore Drive will be closed for about five hours for repairs. The road will be temporarily patched today, then get a permanent patch in about a month, county officials said.

Similar work was done Wednesday on Old Forsyth Road near Rivioli Drive, which is also slated for permanent patching in about a month.

A bigger problem, at Avondale Mill Road near Ga. 247 and important industrial parks, was fixed Thursday after weeks of delay, County Engineer Ken Sheets said. Sheets told Bibb County commissioners this week that the railroad hadn’t been responding to requests to fix the problem, which was caused when the asphalt between the rails in a traffic lane was removed. That caused big bumps.

A Norfolk Southern spokesman could not say Thursday why the asphalt had been removed or why repairs had taken so long.

County Attorney Virgil Adams said Tuesday the county has no power to force a railroad to do anything in its right-of-way.

Commissioner Joe Allen said the bad crossing could get someone hurt or killed. It also could have economic effects, as Boeing officials touring the area were disturbed by the problem.

Boeing has two facilities in that area, and Allen said the company may bring additional work to Bibb County. Last month, Boeing started building wing sets for the A-10 Thunderbolt II airplane in Macon as part of a $2 billion contract.