Perry holds appreciation luncheon

PERRY — More than 100 police officers, maintenance workers, firefighters, council members, Perry Chamber of Commerce employees and other city employees attended the second annual City of Perry appreciation luncheon Tuesday at the Holiday Inn of Perry.

Mayor Jim Worrall, who chose not to run for re-election, said “it’s been a real, real joy the last 21 years to be a part of the team.”

The idea of teamwork was echoed during his short speech as he told city employees that their “spirit of cooperation” is what sets Perry apart from other communities.

Worrall announced Mayor-elect Jimmy Faircloth as the next director of operations. Faircloth laughed, saying that Worrall “is a hard act to follow.”

Motivation was the theme of Faircloth’s speech. He encouraged every employee to strive to do his or her best and to encourage co-workers. “The people that are going to make it happen are the people in the trenches,” said Faircloth of the city’s success.

“You all are the backbone of the city.”

Glen Starlnecker, vice president of operations for Holiday Inn of Perry, decided to change the annual luncheon usually held during the summer until December to give the new mayor and council members a chance to address the city after the elections.

Starlnecker said that he wanted to do something for the city to show his appreciation of their support of his hotel.

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