Georgia College & State University newspaper promotion could set rock-paper-scissors record

Rock, paper, scissors ... new world record?

Some students at Georgia College & State University hope so.

In a push to promote the 85-year-old campus newspaper, The Colonnade, and its more modern-day Web site, organizers are trying to attract at least 800 entrants. If successful, they’ll break the current Guinness record for a rock-paper-scissors tournament set last year at Brigham Young University by 793 palm-playing participants.

“It’s a goofy get-together, but hopefully it will get the campus to recognize that the student newspaper is here and it’ll get the word out,” said Claire Dykes, the Colonnade editor.

For added branding oomph, they’ve dubbed the event “Rock, Colonnade, Scissors.”

Get it? Colonnade, the school paper?

Dykes, a senior mass communications major from Decatur, said contestants will pair off in a best-two-of-three format until one player is left standing.

The winner gets a $100 gift card from the campus bookstore.

“Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beats rock. But,” Dykes, every bit the budding PR whiz, said, “the Colonnade wins overall, of course.”

The event is the brainchild of newspaper staffer Lyric Burnett and her roommate.

“We were just sitting around in my room, trying to come up with bizarre and outlandish stuff and somehow we threw out, ‘Let’s break a world record,’ ” Burnett said. “And this was the closest thing we could come up with.”

Burnett, a senior from Douglasville who is also majoring in mass communications, plays on the school soccer team.

“After our soccer game the other day, we were practicing (rock-paper-scissors) and I lost every single time,” she said. “So I’m gonna be the announcer.”

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