Warner Robins surplus auction offers items both odd, interesting

WARNER ROBINS — In the market for a copy machine? How about an old pickup truck? An Adolf Hitler coin?

The city of Warner Robins is trying to unload those and about 500 other items for sale this weekend at the city’s annual City of Warner Robins Surplus Auction.

City officials say the items that will be auctioned off Saturday at the old maintenance shop, 100 Bay St., are older city property, or items that came into the city’s hands through various means. The history of some of the items, such as a pair of Nike Shox gym shoes with red clay stains on the bottom, is unknown. Some of the items were in lost and found at various city departments and never claimed. Some came in through police drug raids and seizures.

“Most of it we obtain and when we’re not able to identify the owner, or they don’t claim it in 90 days, we put it up for the auction,” said Pratt Martin, the evidence and property manager for the Warner Robins Police Department.

With some of the items for sale, your imagination can run wild. Like the black shirt, size small, that says: “It’s Not Illegal Unless You Get Caught.” Nobody is saying where it came from.

They will talk about the small boat.

Martin said a man went to his pond and discovered his boat missing. In its place was a much smaller vessel, between six and seven feet long, with a small hole in the rear left side. He mentioned the boat when officers came to investigate the theft. He told them he didn’t want it. They took it off his hands.

Now, it can be yours.

“Last year, we made $42,000 off the items we had,” said city purchasing agent Mark Baker, who said the money made would be divided among the departments that contributed to the auction inventory. “We have a lot of stuff for sale this year. There’s a tractor, brand new power tools, a bunch of cars. Some of them are in running condition, and some aren’t things you use day in and day out.”

Baker said in the past, the auction has been successful off high-dollar items alone, including excavators and old police cars. A fire truck was once purchased by a nonprofit to be used in parades. He expects a lot of attention this year to be focussed upon a Ford tractor and a Lincoln LS.

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