Bibb residents seek more street lighting

Clad in a red “Daddy’s Little Helper” shirt, little Landon Deason clutched a toy truck as his neighbors demanded streetlights on the road where his stepfather was run over and killed last month.

“We got to have more street lights,” said Jerald Stapleton, who lives off Hawaiian Village Drive. “Because if we don’t, you’re going to see a lot more little fellas like that one right there.”

Bibb County commissioners will discuss the street light request at their next committee meeting. About 96 residents of two trailer parks off the curvy, dark road near Eisenhower Parkway and Interstate 75 petitioned for the lights after Andres Matom, 26, was killed.

Tabitha Stanley, another resident, said “it’s very important we understand because the next time it could be a child on that road.”

County commissioners offered no immediate comment on the request.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case, but arrested another resident, Wen Xiong Yang, 41, on a charge of leaving the scene of a traffic accident.

In other business Tuesday, county commissioners:

Ÿ Agreed on a tax abatement for Battle Lumber Co., which plans a $1 million expansion that will add five jobs to its 92-person Bibb County work force.

Ÿ Accepted Dellwood Drive as a county road to help a woman close on a house purchase. The road has some flaws, but the developer went out of business.

Other homes in the development, near Mercer University and Log Cabin drives, are said to be in worse shape.

County officials plan to repair Dellwood Drive and place a lien on the road, though they don’t know if they can get any money back.

Ÿ Authorized repairs to an antenna tower and an old radio system.

The sheriff’s office is hoping to create a backup radio system to be used when old city-run radio equipment fails.

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