Midstate elections have potential for big changes

It’s election day across Middle Georgia.

In Warner Robins, ballots will be cast to elect a new mayor and three new city council members. None of the candidates in the four races is an incumbent.

The mayoral race has captured significant attention, as Chuck Chalk, Clifford Holmes Jr. and Chuck Shaheen vie to succeed Mayor John Havrilla, who took office just weeks ago after the passing of longtime Mayor Donald S. Walker. City Council Post 1 features five candidates also seeking to succeed Havrilla, who held the post prior to being elevated to mayor.

In Bibb County, there is just one item on the ballot. Voters are being asked to let the school system continue to collect an extra penny of sales tax on the dollar to pay for new school construction, renovations, safety and security improvements, technology upgrades, athletics facility construction and improvements, as well as new buses. The new school construction includes building five new elementary schools.

If passed, the sales tax for education would be collected for an additional five years or until the approved $198.5 million is collected.

Peach County voters will be asked to decide whether to renew a sales tax for education. The measure would generate an additional $21 million, $13.2 of which would be used to pay bonds from previous projects.

In Fort Valley, the ballot includes mayor, City Council and utility commission elections. In the mayoral race, Mayor John Stumbo is running against local pastor Randy King.

Perry’s election features three contested City Council races and an unopposed mayoral race.

Centerville has a contested mayoral race, but two unopposed City Council elections.

Here’s a look at who will be on the ballot in today’s elections in contested city races across the midstate, and also in a special election for state House District 141.


Darrell Black (D)

Angela Gheesling-McCommon (R)

E. Culver “Rusty” Kidd (Ind.)

Casey Tucker (R)


City Council Ward 4: Robert Neal Devane, Calvin Scandrett, Larry Whitworth and Bobby York

City Council Ward 5: Cecil McDaniel* and Mark Stone


Mayor: Harold “Bubba” Edwards* and John Harley

City Council Post 1: Randall Wright*

City Council Post 2: Cameron Andrews*


Mayor: Clifford Avant, John Ricks and Gene Towns*

City Council District 3, Post 1: Dell Daniels and Leo Mullis*


City Council

At-large Post: Jamie C. Fernandez, Zack H. Wade* and Antwion Yowe

Ward 2 Post: Willie Colson Jr. and Curtis Lucas Jr.

Ward 3 Post: John Lee Bagwell, Jeanie Bartee* and Larry Felton


City Council

At Large (3 seats, top 3 vote-getters win): Jerry Davis, Curtis Q. Edwards Jr., J.W. “JR” Scarboro*, Gerald Smith Jr. and Phil Thacker*

City school board

At Large: Rodney Carr and Frank P. Newman


City Council (3 seats, top 3 vote-getters win): Elizabeth “Lizzie” Adler, Joel Whitney Blackburn, Doyle Brown*, Pat Cramer, Ricky Harrison*, Peter Fred Larsen, Sandra Odom, James C. Shoe and Dwight W. Smith*


City Council District 5: David Rawlins* and Marlas Williamson


City Council (3 at-large seats, top 3 vote-getters win): Jo Anna Banks, Michael E. Dodd*, Gwendolyn King, Rosemary Alexander Walker* and Eric S. Wilson


Mayor: Randy King and John Stumbo*

City Council, at-large: Barbara Williams*

City Council, East Ward: Florine Statham*

City Council, West Ward**: Melba Hester* and Jarrett Reagan

City Council, West Ward**: Jimmy Barnes and Teresia Dennis*

Utility Commission, East Ward: Billy Jones and Isabell Freeman

Utility Commission, At-Large: Marvin Crafter and Jo Ann Dankel


Mayor: August “Gus” Wilson Jr. and Lehman Wood

Mayor Pro Tem: Rallie D. “Rooster” Cogburn, Loretta Lipsey* and Richard “Rick” Tipton

District 1 City Council: Charlie Ridley and David Tufts*

District 4 City Council: Joshua Lurie, Jeffery Parker and Russell Thompson


City Commissioner Post 5: Henry E. Cravey* and Kathleen Wall


City Council (5 at-large council seats, top 5 vote-getters win): Freddie Dorris Jr.*, Inez Marchent Douglas*, Kathy R. McDaniel, Chad Puckett*, Roy R. Selph, Glenda B. Taylor* and Cricket Williamson*


City Council

District 1: Collinda J. Lee and Alan H. Wicker

District 3: Donald Hill and Denese Ray Shinholster*

District 4: John Alton, Ed “Dodo” Hollis and Phillip Joiner

District 5: Richard Mullins Jr.* and Benjamin Lewis


Mayor: James E. Faircloth

City Council District 1, Post 1: Phyllis Bynum-Grace*

City Council District 2, Post 1: Joe Kusar* and Joe Posey

City Council District 2, Post 2: Peggy Davis and William Jackson

City Council District 3, Post 1: Charles Lewis* and Randall Walker


Mayor: Charles Cook and Becky Smith*


City Council District 4: James Carvon Coleman, Royce Fowler and Bobby Joe Moxley*


Mayor: R. Dean Lindsey and Patricia C. Lyons*


City Council (3 at-large council seats, top 3 vote-getters win): Harold Bryant, Charles Doster, Earl Hudson, Meredith Lester, Clint Shugart* and Dexter Whittaker*


Mayor: Chuck Chalk, Clifford Holmes Jr. and Chuck Shaheen

City Council Post 1: Linda Faye Carnes, Mike Daley, Art Howard, Doug McDowell and Jeffery Walker

City Council Post 3: Dean Cowart and James “Paul” Shealy

City Council Post 5: Daron D. Lee


**While the seats have the same title, there are two separate elections