AC Pup takes second place in online contest's weekly voting

AC Pup, the stray mixed breed who became the Macon Animal Shelter’s mascot, missed making the semi-finals last week in a cutest dog contest that could have ultimately brought in $1 million for the shelter.

With 4,555 votes, AC was a distant second in the last week of online voting.

A North Carolina dog named Little Bitsy won the week with 9,033 votes, becoming the 12th and final semi-finalist in the running for a $1 million prize.

Nevertheless, AC was praised for his efforts.

“Quite an accomplishment for a little guy who was originally abandoned on the side of a road,” said Patti Jones, president of Central Georgia Cares, a nonprofit that supports the Macon shelter. “To have accumulated that many votes in one week is a tremendous success.”

The top 30 dogs from the contests last week can be found at www.cutestdog