Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission OKs plans for church

The first phase of a new church building on Houston Road received the green light Monday from the Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission.

A conditional-use permit for final site plan approval for the first of three phases was approved for New Dawn Ministries International at 5350 Houston Road.

Plans call for a 6,000-square-foot sanctuary with seating for 275 people, two classrooms, a nursery, a warming kitchen and offices.

In 2007, New Dawn Ministries received approval for the land use, and it had planned to develop the first phase by the fourth quarter of that year. However, the downturn in the economy slowed down the church’s progress, the Rev. Danny Jones said during Monday’s meeting.

“We are in better financial condition now because that land is totally paid for,” Jones said.

The development’s second phase calls for a 14,600-square-foot building with a sanctuary for seating 1,000 people, and additional classrooms, offices, two kitchens, a fellowship hall and other uses. The third phase would feature a 15,625-square-foot family life center as well as a covered picnic pavilion and an outdoor sports complex. Plans for these two phases will return to the commission for full review.

The entire development is expected to be completed by 2017.

In another matter, for the second time the commission deferred rezoning applications for a new shopping center and an apartment complex on the vacant Hunt Magnet School property in east Macon.

Plans are to demolish the school at 990 Shurling Drive at the intersection with Kitchens Road to allow the developments.

The rezonings had been deferred from the Sept. 28 meeting to allow the property owner an opportunity to meet with area residents. Some residents had objected to the developments because of concerns about increased traffic.

Tony Widner with Widner & Associates asked for the deferral because the property owner had been out of the country and had not been able to schedule a meeting with area residents.

The matter was deferred until the Nov. 23 meeting


1129 Georgia Ave.: In violation of Section 27.08 of the Comprehensive Land Development Resolution (failure to restore a brick wall as required by zoning compliance No. 07-2383), HR-3 District. James Rowland, Shirley Rowland. Violation reaffirmed.

1129 Georgia Ave.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of a wall, HR-3 District. James Rowland, Shirley Rowland, applicant. Denied.

4581 Forsyth Road: In violation of Zoning Compliance No. 02-0793 by not providing adequate approved off-site parking, C-4 District. Joel Kennedy. In violation; applicant to apply for variance.


3037 South Lizella Road: Conditional use to allow a manufactured home as a second dwelling on a parcel with variance in unit width, design, placement, and lot width requirements, A-Agricultural District. Stephen Newberry, applicant. Approved with conditions.


4321 Interstate Drive: Conditional use to allow sales and service of golf carts in an existing building, PDI District. Aaron Bell; Central Georgia Golf Cars LLC, applicant. Approved.

171 Spring St. and 952 Riverside Drive Lane: Conditional use to allow an electrical contractor’s office/ warehouse in an existing building, HPD District/HR-3 District. Keith Rollins; Speir & Associates, applicant. Approved.

8062 Eisenhower Parkway: Conditional use to allow a professional office center/business center, PDE District. Widner & Associates, applicant. Approved.


490 Cherry St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of an awning, CBD-1 District. Gregory Smith, applicant. Approved.

2025 Vineville Ave.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of a proposed freestanding sign, HR-3 District. Wimberly Treadwell, applicant. Approved.

200 Third St.: Certificate of Appropriateness to allow design approval of building renovations and modification of landscaping, CBD-1 District. Daly Smith, applicant. Approved.


5161 Mount Pleasant Church Road: Variance to allow platting of property not fronting a public right-of-way, A-Agricultural District. Emily Jones, applicant. Approved.

3985 Arkwright Road: Variance to allow subdivision of an office park into lots not fronting a public right-of-way, C-2 District (09-1424). Overlook At Arkwright LLC, applicant. Approved.

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