Wesleyan revamps teaching program

Wesleyan College will launch a completely revamped master’s degree program for teachers designed to usher them through faster and better. The new degree will replace two other master’s programs.

Tuesday, the college won approval from an accreditation agency to create its first master of education degree with a focus on early childhood education. The new program borrows ideas from the executive Master’s of Business Administration program, and it will let teachers graduate much faster.

“The students can gain more, learn more from one another and complete the program faster.

The content generally is the same but they put a greater emphasis on content that can be used in the classroom immediately,” said Susan Welsh, a spokeswoman for the college.

Under the new Master of Education program, teachers will stay in a cohesive group through the 14-month program.

The old program typically ran about 24 months, but teachers weren’t working together in the same group, and some of them would take the summer or other semesters off, Welsh said.

The new master’s program replaces two Master of Arts degrees that had focused on early childhood education and middle grades mathematics and science. Students from those programs are slated to graduate by the end of 2010.

The new program’s students will start school at the beginning of next summer and finish by the end of the following summer.

The new program is open to people who just graduated with a teaching degree. It will include evening and summer classes to best accommodate working teachers. Tuition for the program is $14,000, including textbooks, a Netbook computer and field trips.

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