Councilman will accept apology from the son of council president

A Macon city councilman said he will accept an apology to close a court matter following a July confrontation with the council president’s son.

Councilman James Timley said he wants Miriam Paris’ son Paul Carswell to realize that he made a mistake in confronting Timley after a council meeting July 7 at Macon City Hall.

“We all make mistakes,” Timley said. “My thing is he is a young man. He doesn’t need a record following him through life based on one mistake.”

Timley responded to a subpoena Monday morning to Macon Municipal Court where Carswell, 25, appeared on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The council president pro tem had accused Carswell of threatening him after Timley ruled Paris out of order during a committee meeting the day before.

As Carswell and his attorney Richard Thomasson approached Municipal Court Judge Robert Faulkner at the start of court Monday morning, Timley joined them at the bench.

Thomasson informed Faulkner of Carswell’s plan to apologize for the incident, and the judge agreed to continue the case to Jan. 6, when it will be dismissed pending the apology.

Faulkner told Carswell he understood how the young man was trying to avenge his mother.

“I would probably feel the same way, but the law does not allow us to take the law into our own hands,” Faulkner said.

Carswell refused to comment following the proceedings, but Thomasson said they reached an agreement.

“It’s not healthy for Councilman Timley, so we’re not going to talk about our details,” Thomasson said. “Everybody was very gracious to put this to bed.”

Timley said he has yet to receive the apology but is certain one is coming.

In the July 6 meeting of the Ordinances and Resolutions Committee that Timley chairs, he and Paris sparred after she was pushing him to move forward when all the questions had not been answered, Timley said.

During that committee meeting, Paris complained to Timley that he was only allowing council members to speak if they agreed with his point of view.

Timley countered that Paris and others were speaking out of turn and disrupting the meeting.

A short time later, as discussion continued, Paris told Timley she just needed “to ask for a point of clarification.”

“You just need to get out of this room,” Timley told her. “You just need to excuse yourself. ... You’re not supposed to be talking, period.”

The next night Carswell followed Timley out of the meeting and pointed a finger in Timley’s face and stated, “If you ever shout at my mom again I’m gonna get at ya,” according to a police report.

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