Two arrested in Whiskey River fight

Macon police arrested two men who allegedly knocked another man unconscious Sept. 24, a report stated.

Police arrested LaMarcus Parker, 21, of Napier Avenue, and Brian Thomas Lowder, 19, of Magnolia Street and charged both men with aggravated assault.

Police didn’t issue a report on the incident until Tuesday.

According to the report, an officer working part-time security at the club was informed of a fight that took place upstairs.

Bouncers at the club had detained Parker and Lowder while the victim was laying unconscious on the floor with blood coming out of his ear. One of the bouncers informed the officer that Parker had picked up a cue ball off the pool table and struck the victim with it, the report said. Witnesses told police that Lowder then started to kick the victim in the head, the report said.

The victim regained consciousness and told police he was trying to calm things down after the two men got angry at a woman who was beating them at pool. The victim was transported to The Medical Center of Central Georgia.