Houston school board considers change to address guidelines

Obtaining a Houston County address may soon no longer be enough to enroll a child in school.

The Houston County Board of Education will hold a public meeting at noon today to consider a revision to its school admissions policy meant to address actions taken by parents to keep their children in Houston County schools.

The meeting will be held at the Houston County Career and Technology Center, located at 1311 Corder Road in Warner Robins.

If approved, the amendment would prohibit renting, leasing or occupying a home in Houston County, or granting legal guardianship to a Houston County resident, “primarily for the purpose of having their children attend Houston County schools rather than the schools of the school district where the parents reside,” according to the proposed amendment.

The document outlines enrollment procedures for Houston County schools.

The measure is being taken to clarify Houston County’s enrollment policies in light of the ongoing campaign by the school board and the Houston County District Attorney’s Office against false enrollment, said Robin Hines, assistant superintendent for school operations.

District Attorney Kelly Burke issued indictments Sept. 15 against Terry O’Rear of Hawkinsville, and Cliff and Tammy Pulsifer of Fort Valley.

O’Rear has claimed that he has a right to have his daughters at Warner Robins High School because of an apartment lease he obtained Sept. 11, the cutoff date established by the school system to correct improper addresses.

The agenda for the board meeting was made available online Monday on the school board’s Web site,